Auto-enrolment – The Facts

Most employers are aware that auto-enrolment for pensions has arrived, but not all employers, particularly those that are not yet affected, are unsure about what it really means and what they have to do to comply. GA's blog over the next few weeks will supply an all you need to know guide on pension auto-enrolement. What is Auto-Enrolement? In 2012 the Government...

What do HR do?

It's the age old question, and depending on how good your HR department is, it might be a valid one. A quick list of what's been keeping me busy as an HR Consultant includes: 1. Defending a few tribunal claims 2. Putting together manager briefings on employment law 3. Writing new employment contracts and staff handbooks for small to medium companies 4. Drafting...

Banter or Bullying

Having worked in male dominated industries for many years I am very familiar with the type of office banter that takes place. For most people it is fun and considered harmless. However, what about the by standers who don't take part and are offended by the content of the banter. What about banterers who would rather not engage in...

Contracts of Employment

Are your contracts of employment good, bad or ugly? Contracts of employment are a legal requirement for employees who are with a company for over a month, and must be provided within 2 months of starting work. Not only is it easy to let many more months roll by before getting round to this, when they are produced it is...

Disciplinary Hearings – Top Tips

Disciplinary Hearings are critical to get right in order to ensure a fair procedure is followed and the correct outcome is achieved for the company and the employee/s involved. Here are GA's top tips to getting it right: DO: Prepare - read all related information thoroughly and structure questions that are relevant Ensure any information or evidence that will be...

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