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Our Consultants are qualified to purchase and administer the leading aptitude tests, Occupations Personality Profiling Assessments and Pyschometric Testing.

IR35: Inside or Outside?

Companies engaging contractors on a self- employed basis or via personal services companies are sure to be aware of the pending changes to the IR35 rules which take effect in April 2020. read more

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Paperless HR

The HR department has traditionally been a place of fire proof filing cabinets, hanging files and endless printing of letters, appraisals, minutes and other highly sensitive information. read more

GA Human Resources - work with a variety of specialists in the background checking field.

GDPR and Payroll

Managing payroll requires processing a lot of personal data on employees. The availability and accuracy of that information, as well as ensuring it doesn't fall into the wrong hands, can have serious implications for your business. read more

GA Human Resources provide HR outsourcing and consulting services to companies across a broad range of industries, sizes and geographical locations.

The Year to date in Employment Law

Year to date employment law developments Listed below are a number of changes to employment law that have taken place or are scheduled to be implemented in the coming months. January • Holiday pay – regulations came into force placing a two year limit on claims for unfair... read more

Employees and the World Cup – managing requests for time off

Occasionally a sporting event will have such widespread appeal that it can have an impact on the workplace, cause disruption and feelings of inequality amongst staff. All these can equal headaches for the employer - so how can an employer position themselves so that such... read more

Dependents leave, Garden Leave, Compassionate leave – what are they

Dependents Leave - this is a statutory right and is upnaid leave for carers of dependents to deal with emergency situations such as re-organising childcare when arrangements fall through, or when a child falls sick. It is allowed for a reasonable amount of time (there is... read more

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