What to do if you get an employment tribunal claim

Here is GAHRs quick tips on what do do if a form ET1 lands on your desk

1. Read the pleadings carefully and ensure you are aware of what date you need to submit a response by

2. Make a note of the date and any other dates that may have been provided

3. Consider carefully and decide whether you will seek professional help in responding to the claim from an employment consultant, HR expert or Solicitor. Even if you decide to respond and represent yourself, it may be worth seeking an experts opinion on the merits of the claim.

4. Ensure your ET3 form is submitted by the due date, otherwise you may find yourself with a default judgement.

5. Once your ET3 form is submitted you will hear from the tribunal in writing as to the next steps. This may be the date for a full hearing or it may be for a case management discussion or a pre hearing review. A case management discussion is usually held to determine the issues and how the case should managed by the parties. Dates for disclosure, exchange of witness statements and the hearing will usually be decided. A pre hearing review is usually arranged to determine certain issues in the case with may affect the prospects of success of either party succeeding.

6. Once you have agreed dates for disclosure and the exchange of witness statement, ensure you are organised to meet them.

7. Consider whether a settlement prior to a full hearing would be commercial.

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