Disciplinary Hearings – Top Tips

Disciplinary Hearings – Top Tips

Disciplinary Hearings are critical to get right in order to ensure a fair procedure is followed and the correct outcome is achieved for the company and the employee/s involved. Here are GA’s top tips to getting it right:


  • Prepare – read all related information thoroughly and structure questions that are relevant
  • Ensure any information or evidence that will be referred to has been given to the employee as well
  • Hold in the meeting in a private room with appropriately formal seating arrangements
  • Have a note taker present who is familiar with the terms used
  • Listen carefully to all information provided


  • Pre judge or assume what an answer will be before hearing it
  • Make a decision until all the information has been heard and considered
  • Express opinions or personal judgements
  • Start a meeting with preparing or structuring the hearing
  • Get into arguments – note down disagreements and move on


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